You pay for what you use and no more! Our straightforward tariffs have no elaborate jargon with complex names. To keep thing simple, we will only ever offer you our best available tariff.

Each tariff consists of two charges, a daily standing charge and pence per KwH. The daily standing charge is simply multiplied by the duration of days for your bill. The pence per Kwh is multiplied by your consumption taken from meter reads.

The reason it is split is because there are a number of fixed charges in our supply chain we must ensure are covered. The variable pence per KwH is to cover the variable elements such as your energy.

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Best Available Tariff.   Once quoted we will highlight our cheapest tariff available to you, based on your information, at the time we quote. This will frequently change dependent on energy wholesale costs and changes to costs in our supply chain.

Standard Variable Tariff.   Once your best available tariff ends, you will automatically move onto our “SVT”. We will always inform you well ahead of your best available tariff ending so you can move to our next available tariff.

Did You Know?

Because we are on your side to fight climate change, all our tariffs are named after the most fantastic flora and fauna! Our tariff names available will correlate with those seasonal trees and plants blooming at that time.

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Smart Meters

Enjoy sending us your meter reads? Truth be known we wish you didn’t have to! We will exchange your meter at no extra cost. Using the latest smart meters we will ensure that your bills are always accurate, ensuring you only pay for what you use and not a penny more!

There are more benefits of a smart meter! If you have the latest technology, we are then able to show you your consumption behaviour. Allowing you to make informed decisions about how much and how often you consume energy. The longer you stay with us the more energy data behaviour we hold, enabling us to offer additional home energy products that could save you money!

Note: We are not able to exchange Smart Meters to another Smart Meter due to industry regulation.

EV Chargers

Have you finally taken the plunge to electrify your journeys?

Our engineers receive the best training in the industry and have worked with the best technology across the market, meaning you can relax and we take care of the install. 

More to come shortly, sign up below and we will give you the nod.

Coming soon!

We will soon be in a position to offer more products for your home or business; these offerings will include:

Heat pumps

Solar panels

Battery Storage

Carbon offset products

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