Our Mission

We believe it is our social responsibility to help our customers make smarter climate conscious decisions that positively impacts them and our environment. We aim to help answer all your questions by handing control over to you. We support the world's journey to net zero and will achieve this one customer at a time. With our commitment to our customers in mind, we will abide by our climate conscious pledge.

Clean Energy Foundation

We will donate £5 per customer to the foundation.

It’s up to us. Future generations must grow up in a cleaner and greener world.

Change the world. Sounds simple, however we must all do our bit to improve our planet and those who live in it. We will concentrate foundation funds to UK projects chosen by our trustees with the ultimate aim to fight climate change and support young people.

Clean energy image
Clean energy image

Clean Energy Offset

We will donate £5 per customer, to support your road to carbon neutrality.

Let’s take this journey together, this will each customers’ path to carbon neutrality. This could be planting trees, distributing LED light bulbs to those who could not otherwise afford them or generating green energy for communities.

Community Work

Our people here at Clean Energy take part in charity work each month, including our founder! Giving back to the communities that surround us is a key philosophy of Clean Energy. Click on the link to our socials to see what we get up to & let us know how you help your community, we may pay you a visit!