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Is Clean Energy a secure business?

- We are a robustly funded business. In addition, we have undertaken meticulous planning to see us through any future market volatility.

- Our senior leadership team has over 40 years of experience working with household names in the industry.

- Our unique business model also means we cannot over stretch ourselves leaving us and our customers in a precarious position.

The current state of the energy market

- It is no secret the energy market is in turmoil as at the 2nd half of 2021. This is largely driven by the difference between the price cap and the amount paid for energy by the suppliers, many of which have entered the Supplier Of Last Resort (“SOLR”) process.

- A high level example: You have purchased a subscription for wine over 12 months at £10 a bottle each month, the wine supplier must honour that price and is regulated by the fair wine association meaning that is the maximum that can be charged. At the time the subscription is agreed wine price meant the supplier was financially sound, however there is an issue with grape production and demand driving the price upwards of £15 per bottle for the supplier. Each bottle is then at a £5 loss per month due to regulation. That exact scenario – with many other underlying drivers, has played out with energy wholesale prices.

- Ofgem is reviewing the price cap, as current extremely high energy wholesale prices mean energy supply is unsustainable for businesses driving material losses, thus forcing multiple exits in the market.

- We predict the energy wholesale market will stabilise by Q2 2022

How can I switch to Clean Energy?

- Easy! Complete the quote section with your details and we do the rest. It’s that simple!

- We will contact your current supplier to let them know you are moving.

- We aim for the process to take a maximum of 15 days and we keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

- Your previous supplier may ‘object’ if you owe them a material amount of money. We advise you clear this before applying to join us to ensure a smooth transition.

Is my energy bill going to increase?

- We’re sorry to say yes! (Pre 2021 versus 2022) This is with any supplier you choose. Exponential wholesale prices in latter months of 2021, is the reason your bills will rise. However we live in hope these prices will significantly reduce!

- Wholesale market prices are out of the control for retail suppliers and the market regulator Ofgem

- Our hedging policy (the way in which we buy your energy) is robust and efficient, ensuring you pay the minimum for your energy!  

- We will ensure we pass any savings to you at every opportunity, yes we are a business, but only with your help which is why customers come first!

Net zero with clean energy

- We always work to deliver renewable energy to you.

- We are transparent, we are clear with you what our energy mix is.

- We will not ‘greenwash’.

- There are instances where the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, this impacts our ability to provide completely renewable energy. We will let you know if this occurs.

- But the same wires & pipes transmit energy to my home, so what’s the difference? Think of energy purchase and distribution to homes as a bucket of sand with a hole at the bottom (generation to your home). Certain energy suppliers buy ‘renewable sand’ with others buying ‘fossil sand’ which all generates into the bucket, eventually falling out the hole. With each customer buying through renewable sand, customers ensure there is more renewable sand passing through the bucket thus driving the buckets journey to Net Zero, much swifter than if suppliers had continued to purchase ‘fossil sands’.

My Account

- Your welcome email contains a link, click the link to set up your account with us. You can access your account 24/7 once set up.

- You can send us a meter read, check your bills or amend your information all from the comfort of your sofa or whilst sat on a beach!

- We have apps available for both android and apple devices

- You can change your account contact information by simply logging into your account online or on our app.  

- To reset your password, click forgotten password to get a link sent to the email address you’ve given us. Click on the link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Viewing your bills

- Clean energy will collect your first bill once your supply goes live with us on your chosen date monthly. The direct debit will show as Clean Energy on your bank statement. You will get a notification text or email (or both) when we generate your first bill.

- We will publish your bill on your online account after 30days of going live with us. We will remind you via text.

- To view your bill, log into your online account and select billing from the drop down menu. You can browse your bill history here.

How is my payment calculated?

- To arrive at your bill, we combine your daily standing charge and the pence price of energy per kWh. The daily standing charge is multiplied by the duration of days whilst the price per kWh is multiplied by your consumption taken from meter reads.

- If you have a smart meter we should automatically use your meter reads, unless there is a communication challenge with your meter – we will always try to fix this issue

- If you have a traditional meter, please provide us with a meter read as close to your bill as possible, this will ensure accuracy on your bill.

Why is my bill estimated?

- Because we haven’t received meter reads! We therefore use historic consumption for that meter which we take from industry.

- By sending us an updated meter read we will adjust your bill at the next opportunity.

My bill looks higher than normal?

- There could be a number of reasons, such as the change of seasons, a life event such as a new addition or maybe you’ve recently brought a few new appliances.

- Please follow our socials for tips on how to reduce consumption which helps you save!

- We also have a range of home energy tech to help you generate or use your energy more efficiently.

- We are able to come and inspect your meter, please review your T&C’s for this.

What can I do if I am struggling to pay my bill?

- Please visit our website, select the ‘Help’ icon at the top of the page then ’Independent Debt Advice’. We list charities and debt support here.

Why am I charged VAT?

-All residential customers are charged a 5% VAT, this is passed onto HMRC monthly.

Why is my account in credit?

- At Clean Energy, you will only be charged for your energy consumption.

- An account in credit would be driven by either lower consumption than what the DD is taking, but in nearly all cases it’s driven by seasonality, building your credit for winter months if on a long term tariff

- Your account should always be approximately 1 month in credit as a minimum

- We suggest you keep any credit balance in your account over the winter periods

- We calculate your DD payments based on meeting your annual consumption and therefore bills, over the periods of the tariff

Meter reads

  - You will need to send us a monthly meter read if you do not have a smart meter or your smart meter is not communicating

- We may from time to time request an image of your meter displaying your meter read

- We advise to send us monthly meter readings 5 days before your next bill is due. You can do this online or on your mobile device app

Can I have a Smart Meter?

- If you have a traditional meter we are happy to exchange this to a Smart Meter to unlock the potential of you energy supply with us

- Our target is to exchange all traditional meters within 60 days of switching to us or/and requested

- You can book a meter exchange via your online account

- If you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment please let us know at the earliest convenience, or late cancellations may incur a fee per customer T&Cs

Deciding the best tariff for me

- It’s easy, we show you the cheapest we have available! You can have confidence in having the lowest bill we can offer you at that point in time.  

- All tariff information will be available to view by logging into your online account.

When can I switch to a different tariff?

- We will offer you our best available tariff when you near the end of your contract with us.

- If you do not choose a tariff, you will be transferred to our standard variable tariff until you do so.

- Legally we are not able to automatically switch you due to industry regulation

- We’d love you to stay! However, if you leave before the end of your contract with us you will be charged an exit fee of £50 per fuel.  

Moving home?

- Let us help! All we need from you is your move date, last meter read at the old address, your new address, first meter read when you move in and we will take care of the rest.  

- We will endeavour to honour your current tariff for the remainder of the contract

I consider myself to have a disability, what support can I receive?

- We will help! We provide relevant assistance based of the information you have provided us.

- We will ask you if you have vulnerabilities when you choose to join

- You may therefore be entitled to a free meter safety check, braille communication, audio communication or help arranging a payment plan if financially vulnerable. Each request is validated on individual bases.

Bereavement Support

- We sincerely sympathise and will make the process stress free.

- Please email with ‘Bereavement Support’ in the subject line.

- We ask you to send a copy of the death certificate and proof of executor of the will/solicitor details attached to the email.

- Ensure within the email you provide the account number, full name & address

Financial support

- Help and support is available if you fall into financial hardship and are financially struggling.

- On the homepage on the website select the ‘Help’ icon, selecting ‘Independent Debt Advice’ from the drop down menu. Here lists support mechanisms we encourage you to contact.

How do I complain?

- We take all complaints seriously and we will do everything we can to ensure it is resolved in a timely manner.

- Please email with ‘Complaint’ in the subject line.

- Ensure within the email you provide the account number, full name & address

- We will address all complaints within 48hours or 2 working days after submission.

- We aim for a resolution in 3 working days, the clock is paused if waiting for a response from the customer

Complaint Escalation

- We are sorry that your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily.

- We will transfer your case to a senior manager for review and will contact you accordingly

- For more complex cases that require more time, we allow an extended 2 week SLA

- After 8 weeks if the complaint is still not resolved, you have the right to escalate to the Energy Ombudsman.

- Visit  or call 0330 440 1624


In the event of a gas, electric or any other energy related emergencies, please contact a 24-hour emergency line: 

Electricity Power Cut?  Call: 105

Smell Gas?   Call: 0800 111 999

Independent Debt Advice

Help and support is available if you fall into financial hardship and are financially struggling, here is a list of support services whom you can turn to for advice. 

Money Helper Visit Call 0800 011 3797

Energy Savings Trust Visit

Citizen's Advice Visit Call 0808 223 1133

Ombudsman Services: Visit Call 0330 440 1624

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